Vatech Ezray Lightweight, Portable Innovation

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Vatech EZRay Air Plus Portable X-Ray Machine

Vatech EZRay Air Plus is a cutting-edge portable X-ray machine designed specifically for dental applications. Weighing only 1.8 kg, it’s the lightest in its class, boasting an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and smart positioning features for precise imaging. Its smart dial interface ensures intuitive operation, reducing user stress and preventing wrist pain during prolonged use. Equipped with advanced Carbon Nano Technology, it delivers accurate images with minimized motion artifacts, saving time and improving diagnostic confidence. With fixed voltage and current settings, along with an exposure time range of 0.05 – 1.00 sec, it offers flexibility while ensuring consistent performance. The replaceable battery ensures continuous operation, while optional accessories like the backscatter shield and carry case enhance usability and safety.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Smart Positioning
  • Smart Dial Type
  • No Stress
  • Accurate Images
  • Saves Time
  • Prevents Wrist Pain
  • Reduces Motion Artefacts
  • Prevents Accidental Damages


  • It all starts with weight innovation
  • Double scatter shield in one
  • Smart angulation for optimal results
  • One dial for all function


EzRay Air Portable Type, a light portable X-ray with 1.4 kg, makes stable condition for positioning the device. It satisfies all primary dental diagnostic needs by creating stable and clear images at all times.


Internal Shielding

The internal radiation shielding is perfectly designed to protect the operator from leakage radiation.

External Backscatter Shielding

The backscatter shield significantly reduces the operator’s radiation dose.



  • Weight : 1.8 Kg
  • Focal Spot : 0.4 mm
  • Voltage : 65 kV(fixed)
  • Current : 2.5 mA (fixed)
  • Exposure Time Range : 0.05 – 1.00 sec
  • Total Filtration : Min. 1.5 mm AI
  • Maximum Duty Cycle : 1:60
  • Power Input : 22.2 V
  • Battery : Replaceable
  • Line Voltage :100-240 V + 10%
  • Source to Skin Distance: 200mm
  • Optional Accesories: Back Scatter Shield,Carry Case



  • Ensure that the machine is placed on a stable surface.
  • Connect the machine to a power source using the provided power cord or ensure the battery is adequately charged.


  • Position the patient according to the specific imaging requirements.
  • Place the machine at the appropriate distance from the target area, maintaining a source-to-skin distance of 200 mm.

Settings Adjustment:

  • Use the smart dial interface to select the desired exposure time, within the range of 0.05 – 1.00 seconds.
  • Verify that the voltage and current settings are appropriate for the imaging procedure.

Safety Precautions:

  • Ensure that all personnel are clear of the X-ray beam path.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including lead aprons and thyroid collars, if necessary.

Image Capture:

  • With the patient in position and settings adjusted, activate the X-ray exposure by pressing the designated button or trigger.
  • Remain clear of the X-ray beam during exposure.

Image Review:

  • After exposure, review the captured image for quality and diagnostic suitability.
  • If necessary, repeat the imaging process for additional views or adjustments.

Post-Exposure Procedures:

  • Turn off the machine and disconnect it from the power source if no further imaging is required.
  • Ensure proper storage of the machine and any accessories.


  • Periodically inspect the machine for any signs of damage or malfunction.

Optional Accessories:

  • Utilize optional accessories such as the back scatter shield or carry case as needed for enhanced usability and safety.

Training and Compliance:

  • Ensure that all personnel operating the machine are properly trained and adhere to radiation safety regulations and guidelines.


  • 1 x Portable x-ray machine

NOTE: Round Shield will be bought separately as accessory & will not be provided with this product.


  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 2 Year against manufacturing defect
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product
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