Neocal is radiopaque calcium hydroxide paste with Barium Sulphate with basic pH of value >12.5 and is indicated for endodontic procedures.

Neocal- Radiopaque, water-based paste of Calcium Hydroxide and Barium Sulphate indicated for temporary root canal dressing, pulp capping, vital pulpotomy, and apexification.


  • Temporary root canal filling material
  • Pulp capping
  • Weeping canals
  • Root resorption cases


  • Premixed Formulation: Saves time and has an easy application
  • Paste Type Consistency: Provides superior control during application
  • Water Soluble Paste: Helps in easy cleaning and removal from a canal
  • Temporary Filling: Temporary filling material between appointments
  • High pH: High pH of >12.5 creates an unfavorable environment for microbes
  • High Radiopacity: Helps in radiological examination